Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink!

Of course we wouldn’t want you to come to an art opening and leave feeling thirsty- neither thirsty for drink nor for inspiration. That’s why, at this Saturday (10/8) night’s Freedom Bound show (5-10 pm), not only are we handing out fluted glasses of the bubbly (think Materva, Ironbeer, Jupina, wink-wink) but we’re also serving up some re[fresh]ing talent.

In Freedom Bound, two artists’ somewhat disparate works find interconnectivity through water. Dr. G Casas-Guerra, a retired psychologist whose work speaks to the duality of the Cuban resolve to achieve the American dream while remaining nostalgic to the island’s glory days, addresses water in terms of its transcendental capacities: think emigration and the ocean as a symbol of both freedom and entrapment, the creator of communities, a new beginning. David Olivera, a young Miami-based artist impelled by multiple perceptions of history obtained through a visionary filter of research, addresses water’s principal properties: its simultaneously reflective and transparent nature, water as muse- a siren calling forth sailing vessels, significant ports, a sense of adventure.

Freedom Bound features a selection of paramount paintings and kick ass sculptural works brought together by an unyielding observation of the forces that compel us to simply be.

Guests will encounter the visual facets of two individual artists who have a common desire to explore their individuality within a universal context. The Flagler Arts Space will make it a point to expand your horizons. Come see for yourselves!

Light refreshments will be served. As always, parking is free. Come pre or post Wynwood Art Walk. Questions or comments, let us know!

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