All Hail- Velocipedes and Shank’s Mare!

No! We’re not proclaiming the discovery of some new species of dinosaur. Of course we don’t want you to eat the hind quarters of a female horse! So, what are we talking about exactly you ask? Well, earth-friendly means of getting around the MIA, duh!

The theme of this show, Velocipedes and shank’s Mare, is alternative transportation – bicycling, walking, running, no motor zone boating, train-ing, skateboarding, horse-back riding, rickshaw-ing, hitching a piggy-back ride, cart wheeling, etc.. Velocipedes are the precursors to bicycles, usually without pedals. Shank’s Mare is a New England term for walking.
The show is a fundraiser for Green Mobility Network, a charitable 501c3 organized to promote bicycling and walking in Miami-Dade County. A percentage of all sales will go to Green Mobility, with the rest going to the artists.
Light refreshments will be served- (all of them picked out because of their responsible transit themed logos and branding- clever us!)
The festivities start on Friday, Sept. 30th and go from 6-10pm. If you can’t make it Friday, drop by Saturday, Oct. 1st between 1-6pm and stay for the open mic session. Great art – both nights. Great cause – this lifetime. See you there!
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