See and Be Seen: PEOPLE, PLACES, + $20.00 THINGS A Solo Art Show by Ray Lopez

Everyone knows that you don’t go to an art opening just to look at the art! It’s nearly impossible to get an eyeful in, what with all the people watching, air kissing, and chitchatting. You go to the openings to see and be seen. You go to be a part of the scene. If this sounds like your cup of tea(-quila), Boy, do we have a show for you!

On Saturday, September 1oth, the Flagler Arts Space (172 W. Flagler) will host an opening reception for an exhibition that focuses on three smokin’ bodies of work by a wearer of many different hats, namely those of curator, teacher, and illustrator/fine artist, the esteemed Ray Lopez.

In his upcoming show, People, Places and $20.00 Things, Lopez presents a melange of styles and subject matter that combine to inform and give insight into his wide range of art-making abilities (keep in mind that Lopez, who received a degree in Illustration from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA , is trained to be able to span a wide breath of mediums in order to reach a multitude of targeted audiences). The show blends Lopez’s body of fragmented hyper realistic portraits, impressionistic landscape paintings, and experimentations with visual vocabulary into an inspiring eye candy cocktail of sorts that will leave you feeling shaky in the knees, woozy in the head, and light in the pocketbook as you reach for those Jeffersons to ensure you go home with the love of your (art)life.

So, if you’re looking for that cultural remix that inspires you to get primped and pressed, gets you out of the house, and sets your blood pumping, stop by the opening. Free admission. Free parking. Free food and drink. Trumps the club scene, if you ask us.  Yet you still get to live it up- art style!

Doors open at 6pm and the event runs till 10pm, leaving you ample time to still make a night of it in case we disappoint (which we guarantee won’t be the case). See you there!

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