Art Crushes Cancer: A Benefit Show

On Saturday, August 6th from 6:30 to 10:30pm local girl gone good and visiting ‘maker’ here at the studio, Ana Fernandez, will be hosting a silent auction group show at the Flagler Arts Space benefitting two very worthy organizations.

How does a silent auction group show work, you ask? What’s the premise? Well….

See an artwork you love, place a written wager on it, if no one outbids you by the end of the night, you take it home with you (if someone outbids you, you can rebid, and so on and so forth). Simple as pie.

Mmmmm, “will there be pie,” you ask? Probably not, but complimentary refreshments and food will be served. Don’t be sad, here’s a pie (chart)- sort of- to break it down for ya.

50% of all proceeds will go to the Jim Hunter Graduate Scholarship (blue), while the other 50% will go to the American Cancer Society (yellow).

So, do I see $500? $500 from the do-gooder art patron in the back. Sold!

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