12 Days of Painting = Jolly Good Times!

So, did that date blow you off last Saturday night and you just couldn’t bear the thought of sulking in public? Did you have to stay in when your new hair do turned into a calamatous hair don’t? Just want a plain old-fashioned recap for the good times you had on Flagler Street? Well loyal followers, here’s what went down!

Up and coming talents,  Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson, mounted a show of 728 paintings all based on the idea of triangular numbers (i.e. those numbers you see being added inside parentheses on the chart above).  For twelve hours a day, twelve days straight, they churned out painting after painting beginning on day one with (78)  nine minute paintings each and ending on day twelve with (1) twelve hour painting a piece, each time responding to what the other had created. From circus animals in pink tutus and rain boots, to paint splotched aerial landscapes, to the omens behind seeing objects in pairs (mating horseshoe crabs and double yolked eggs, for instance) the show covered a gamut of conversation starting subject matter. Count all the painted subjects on all those days in between and you’ve got one intense collaborative performance (plus an extraordinary painting curve).

The show is up and can be viewed by appointment through June 30th. How do I schedule an appointment, you ask? Just send us a comment!

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