Heads Up! New Show Announcement

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the opening reception for Miami Bouquet last weekend. And to all you moms out there- Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Just in case you’re kicking yourself for not being in attendance at our last event, here’s your chance to make it up: on Thursday, 5/12 and Tuesday, 5/17 from 5-11pm we’ll be hosting pinata making sessions in preparation for our upcoming Smash Art show. We’re providing the materials, so all you gotta do is show up to the Space and paper mache your little hearts out. Got your interests piqued? Well, here’s the premise.

Flagler Arts Space will unveil its newest interactive experiment, ‘Smash Art: A Piñata Breaking Performance,’ on Saturday, May 21, from 7-10 p.m. at 172 W. Flagler St., across from the Miami Art Museum.

This show, a collection of dozens of fine-art piñatas built by Flagler Arts Space members and other local artists, will feature a series of ‘you buy it, you break it’ piñata destructions. The hidden contents of each purchased piñata will be revealed, fulfilling the artwork’s purpose, and enabling viewers to appreciate the artist’s ideas. The show will remain open by appointment until Friday, June 4.

So there you have it. Now come help make it happen (plus check out Miami Bouquet while you’re at it- it’ll be up for another week).

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