Feb 18: Stage(s)

Flagler Arts Space will open its ‘Stage(s)’ exhibit from 5 – 10 p.m. on Friday, Feb.18, at 172 W. Flagler St., across from the Miami Art Museum.

This show will feature paintings, drawings, short animations and interactive sculptures by Leo Castañeda. Castañeda’s work hybridizes his interests in fantasy, heroic tales, and technology with his formal and conceptual art education. He merges elements of abstract expressionism, 19th Century landscape painting, minimalism and conceptual art with those of science fiction, virtual worlds and the appropriated language of video games. ‘Stage(s)’ will focus on the idea of the stage, both as a place and a state, as well as the bridge in vocabulary between the theatrical and virtual worlds. The show will remain open by appointment through Feb 25th.

After graduating in 2006 from New World School of the Arts High School, Castañeda attended The Cooper Union, where he studied Fine Art under a holistic approach. He currently lives between New York and Miami, where for the last two years he has worked on a massive series of hierarchically arranged works that he calls ‘Levels and Bosses’. Castañeda hopes that within the next five to ten years the culmination of this pursuit will take the form of an interactive opera, whose beginnings he will premier at the Flagler Arts Space.

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